Is your business visible on on the Internet? Are you using Facebook and Instagram advertising?

Do you know who's your competition on the Internet and how you can perform better than the competition?

If your business is presented on the Internet, how well is your business, is it growing? Do you want to improve your position and have better results?



Here's how we can help you to be even better?



Google advertising or more simply how to be first in the search results on Google when someone enters the keywords that are relevant to your business in google search box. This is very transparent advertising, because you pay only for result. In another words you pay for an ad only when a person (customer) visits your Website or visit the specific page via ad. Our team researches keywords, creates a campaign and determines budget.

How Google ads work?

Here is a simple example:

If you are a dentist in Belgrade, we investigate which words and phrases people type and use in order to inform themselves about the choice of dentists in Belgrade. That is how we determine which words and groups of words, and if and when someone typed dentist, banovo brdo, or dental radiographerVoždovac and visited your website.

As part of Google advertising, we offer the following services:

  • free analysis and keyword suggestion offers
  • strategy development and performance
  • campaign management and reporting
  • Remarketing (people who have visited a page or product, tracking ad and reminders to look again)
  • You Tube advertising


Today almost all people are on Facebook. Whether they are working, resting, traveling people spend most of the day on Facebook and use different devices (phones, tablets, PCs). You can use that feature to your advantage and your ad can be accurately displayed to your target group. With the help of Facebook ad. It can be very precise, and can determine where your ad will be displayed: eg. people who love dogs who live in Kragujevac and who have over 30 years of age.

Our team will explore and make sure that your ads stands out and that will be be placed to your customers and people who are interested in your business or product.

Facebook advertising It's very precise, your ad can appear on multiple positions: it can appear as latest news on the wall, on the right, as a video ad or combinations of products.

Next to Facebook advertising our team is also expirienced with Instagram ads.

As part of Facebook's commercial package we offer:

  • Facebook's strategy of advertising for your business
  • complete designing, creating and managing campaigns
  • create your ads, sales, design, text, visuals
  • monitoring of results and reports
  • Instagram advertising


Today the site has to be modern, clean, visually appealing and must be properly displayed on all devices (phones, tablets, PCs). If your site is not of such type then your internet page ranking is bad. The site is a pillar of the business on the Internet, your ID card and the mirror company. People will always visit the website inform you and this will be their first contact with you.

Of course you want to make sure that your visitors have good first impression, their first experience with you is supposed to be pleasant and based on that they develop trust and become your customers, partners, subscribers...

In that case, the website must be a modern, clean, with readable text and fonts. Our studio develops, modern websites that are clearly visible on all devices. If you do not have your website or you have a website with which you are not satisfied with, or is out of date our team will enhance its Internet status and make it stand out.


Landing page or the sales page can be any page on your website that the user comes first. If a Landing page is not well optimized clean and poorly designed users may very quickly leave and you've lost a potential sale. To make ads work, the most important is quality and straightforward sales page that will fulfill your objective and make easier for customer to buy your product, order a service, apply for a course, download a catalog, etc.

When a user comes to the Landing page, in less than a minute you must make sure and be clear whether if there is a call to action button. If the design and navigation is poor and done badly, if user must make too many clicks in order to find simple information and if page is confusing, you have lost visitor forever.

Landing page are the most important pages on the site. The customer can do action and buy your product or service just from that one visit to the site and that's why this page needs to be professionally done and clean.

Let your Internet performance and advertising, lead a team of professionals, and let us investigate and work together to make your business grow and prosper.

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